Referral Service Process

How Direct Referral Works

1 - Refer at Point of Sale - All hours

We just need a name, phone number, email and your Clients’ preferred contact method and time.  

We take care of everything else including applications, documents, calculations and follow-up with full compliance to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act

You can Enter the contact details via the ABS Web Portal and will be able to track the client progress through the process.

You will have a dedicated Broker for your clients and a back up team in case of vacation or illness.

2 - We contact your client

Our general standard is; all clients are contacted at their preferred time regardless of “normal business hours”

We let them know we work along side you and we discuss their specific needs and objectives.       You will receive notifications from your Broker through each stage and will have your access to the ABS Web Portal to follow exactly what the broker does and all notes made.

3 - Approved

Depending on the Broker’s assessment and recommendation of a Finance Product all answers are generally provided within 48 hours from Application.

4 - Settlements and Referral Fee payment

Upon settlement the applicable commission to be paid to ABS will be displayed in the Portal.

We will pay, on your invoice, the applicable Referral Fee as agreed.

Such payments will only become payable upon Receipt of the Commission from the Financier.

NB: Not all Financiers pay at settlement and Notice of same will be on the Settled Deal Report in the Portal

Your dedicated Broker will keep you informed accordingly.


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